Exercise While Staying-At-Home

We all know that exercise is good for our health and our minds. It can boost our immune system, alleviate stress, improve our emotional state, combat chronic illness, and improve our physical capabilities.

Of course, exercise can also make you look smoking hot. However, most of us are less worried about how we look right now because we have nowhere to go, and are all wearing elastic waistband pants anyway. Therefore, I am going to skip physical attractiveness as a motivating factor and just focus on the health aspects.

The health benefits of adopting a regular exercise program are even more important while stay-at-home orders are in place because we should be looking for ways to boost our immune systems and improve our emotional health.

  • Exercise will improve your immune system. Given present circumstances, improving our immune systems has quite a bit more urgency, particularly for those of us with chronic illness. In the event of exposure to Coronavirus, we should all want to be in our best health.

  • Exercise will save your sanity. The challenges that we are all facing right now are real. Having a physical outlet to relieve stress and improve a bad mood is something that should be valued and embraced. It is beneficial for you and your relationships.

What exercise looks like for each of us can vary greatly depending on physical limitations, fitness, schedule, finances, motivation and preferences. Some general guidelines are provided by the Mayo Clinic and the CDC. Of course, you should check with your health care provider for more tailored advice.

Here are some more suggestions based on the stay-at-home limitations that we currently are living under:

Free Options:

  • Go for a walk or run outside (to the extent permissible in your locality).

  • YouTube or other free online exercise classes.

  • Dust off the random gym equipment you have in the back of your closet. And, use it.

  • Free or Free Trial Workout Apps.

Paid Options:

  • Workout Apps

  • Purchase streaming videos on Amazon, etc.

  • Take a live video class from a yoga, pilates or fitness studio or trainer.

  • Personal trainer session via video conference.

With Kids:

  • Kid-focused workouts. Or, kids can also just jump around during whatever workout you are doing.

  • Dance party!

  • Walking in the neighborhood (I am sure you have already figured this out).

I truly hope that you and your family are well enough to fit some form of daily exercise into your stay-at-home lifestyle. I am pretty sure you are already dressed for it. So, get up and do it!

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