Designing Your Wellness Routine During Social Distancing

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

One of the things health coaches do is to assist clients in the practicalities of how to fit new healthy habits into the client’s life. Making lifestyle changes can be difficult. It requires motivation, planning, and consideration of where/when/how a new habit is going to fit into your life. In this time of schedule upheaval and changes in life circumstances, how do you go about basically redesigning your entire lifestyle?

Here are some suggestions…..

Be Realistic

When you are setting goals, be realistic about what you can accomplish considering your current circumstances. If your goals seem undoable, it might be a good idea to scale them back. You are still working toward your goal even if you are making smaller steps to accomplish it.

Be Kind To Yourself

If you are not maintaining a Pinterest-perfect wellness routine right now, you are not alone! We are all making huge changes in order to social distance for the health of ourselves and our communities. While we need to give ourselves some space for wellness in order to bolster our immune systems, we should not be doing so in a way that adds a bunch of stress to the mix.

Get On A Schedule

I would recommend getting yourself on a schedule (even if it is fluid and looks more like a checklist). This will help you to set clearly defined goals and keep you accountable.

Here are some things to consider adding to the schedule:

  • Going to bed and waking at approximately the same time

  • Include time for household and work responsibilities

  • Consider the rhythms of your household. If there is a lot going on during a certain time of day, that is probably not the best time to add an hour-long workout

  • What are your priorities? Consider whether your activities actually align with them

  • Outside time (as permitted in your location and government restrictions)

  • Exercise

  • Reach out to others via phone, email, text, video conference to stay connected

  • Schedule time for mindfulness/meditation/yoga (even if it is 5 minutes)

  • Wiping down commonly-used surfaces (handles, faucets, doorknobs) at the end of the day (and maybe more depending on the health of your household)

  • Wash your hands!

If complying with social distancing recommendations is all you are able to pull off right now, please remember that by doing so, you are accomplishing a significant healthy lifestyle change that benefits you and your community. So, pat yourself on the back and then go wash your hands!

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