Bolstering Your Immune System During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

With the Coronavirus impacting everyday life, routines have been turned upside down. We are concerned about the health and well-being of ourselves, families and communities. When you add financial matters and adjusting to current restrictions, it all adds up to stress.

During this time, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to CDC recommendations, government guidelines, and the advice of your health care providers in an attempt to stay healthy and/or keep those around us healthy.

With that being said, I am hopeful that you are remembering the importance of taking care of yourself as a way to bolster your immune system. Trying to get a good night’s sleep, managing stress, exercising and eating well are all great ways to accomplish this. While it might take some creativity to modify your wellness routines under the current circumstances, keeping yourself as healthy as possible could not be a more timely endeavor. (Check out this article for more info: Can I Boost My Immune System?).

I will address each of these issues in future posts. And, feel free to reach out to me for help in addressing these issues.

However, one simple, additional thing I have been doing in an attempt to stay healthy is drinking medicinal tea to bolster my immune system. In the midst of this pandemic, my integrative health care providers have prescribed me teas as a way to keep my baseline immunity as strong as possible. I am currently drinking a lung strengthening Chinese medicine tea that my acupuncturist prescribed.

In addition, my husband and I are both drinking Mullein tea (available on Amazon). Based on our first hand experience, it helps to clear out lung congestion. Upon further research, it has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. All we know is that it seems to soothe upper respiratory complaints.

While stress management, sleep, exercise, diet and tea will not keep you from getting the Coronavirus, they will at least give you a stronger baseline with which to deal with any illness, or just deal with the stresses of living with the challenges of social distancing. So, don't neglect yourself!

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