There's No Time Like the Pandemic: Make a Healthy Change (Part 1)

Take advantage of the quarantine to focus on making a healthy lifestyle change. Yeah, I just said that.

My rationale is that for some of us the pandemic is the perfect time to make a healthy change. Schedules are thrown off, there are not many places to go, and we are all taking precautions to preserve our health. We are more nimble in adapting to lifestyle changes than we needed to be pre-Coronavirus. Why not take advantage of our agility to make a healthy change?

I am going to assume you are all-in. So, let's talk about how to begin the process of making a healthy change.

  • The first step is envisioning yourself at optimal health. Even if your vision seems like an impossibility, dare to dream. Paint yourself a picture of what life would look like in the future if you were healthy, energetic and vibrant. How do you feel? What are you doing and/or able to do? What do you look like?

  • The second step is to think about what is most important when you think about reaching your optimal health? Why do you value your health? Who and what are you living for? Why do you want to have a good quality of life?

  • The third step is to assess where your health is as compared to where you want it to be. Think about what aspects of your life are not in line with your vision for yourself. This exercise is not meant to make you feel shame. We all have reasons for why we do what we do. However, once we start examining habits, it can become clear that some of our choices are not serving our long-term health.

When you think about what optimal health looks like to you and why your health matters, your conclusions will serve as motivating factors for change. Without a reason to make a change, you won’t. Your reasons need to be personal and meaningful because making change is hard. You need good reasons.

Whether your goal is big or small, very specific or a complete overhaul, these foundational steps are critical to getting you motivated, and keeping you motivated to make change.

You can absolutely make healthy lifestyle changes on your own. I encourage you to start thinking about this, and acting on it now. There’s no time like the pandemic!

However, if you find that you are having trouble finding a way to get from where you are now to reaching your optimal health vision, feel free to reach out, and we can chat about whether health coaching can help you. Sometimes we just need someone to be accountable to, have someone to talk to about practicalities, and someone to support us when we falter.

Sending stay-safe and well wishes to you.

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