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I am an Integrative Health Coach certified through Duke Integrative Medicine. I believe that lifestyle choices play a pivotal role in our health and longevity. I want to help empower you to take more control of your well-being and realize your optimal health.


I believe that each of us can improve the state of our health. While we might have some limitations that we cannot change, there are plenty of lifestyle changes we can make with an eye toward reaching our health goals. As an Integrative Health Coach, I can help you to achieve your health goals by working around the roadblocks that have been standing in your way. 


While lifestyle changes can be hard to make, I believe that each of us is capable of taking more control of our health. On a personal level, I have seen lifestyle choices dramatically improve my life and health. Specifically, I have faced a recurrent lymphoma off and on since 1995. I went through radiation therapy in my early twenties, chemotherapy 9 years later, and have been “watchful waiting” for the last 13+ years. 


Several years ago, I knew something needed to change with my health (because the whole recurrent cancer thing didn’t seem to be enough of a wake up call). I was tired of being sick. I had lung and sinus infections multiple times a year. I frequently needed antibiotics. I was chronically exhausted and felt much older than my age. I could not seem to pull myself out of illness. I was also concerned about how my poor health might be impeding my immune system from keeping lymphoma in check. When my internist told me that there was nothing more that she could do to improve my situation, I turned to a more integrative approach.


I started pursuing lifestyle changes that made sense for me (some on my own and some through supervision of integrative providers like a naturopath, acupuncturist and trainer). I discovered I had some underlying food intolerances and some deficiencies in certain antibodies. I made lifestyle changes accordingly. While it has not been easy, making healthy changes has been 100% worth the effort! My life and health have changed dramatically. Over the last few years, I have been peeling away layers of health problems. I see less doctors less frequently. I am on less medication. I feel healthier than ever. I feel younger and stronger. And, I have kept my cancer at bay without treatment for the last 13+ years. While I still have some underlying health limitations, I have reached my dream of good health.


It appears that I am not alone in turning to lifestyle changes to improve health. Studies have shown that most chronic health problems can be prevented with lifestyle choices. Because of this fact, and the improvement I have seen in my life, I feel compelled to work with others in order to empower them to make behavioral changes in order to maximize health. Whether you need to better follow doctor’s orders or you just want to figure out what you want to start doing to feel better, I can help you reach your optimal health.


While we can’t prevent every illness or disease, we can prevent most chronic illnesses and can make ourselves strong enough to better handle any others that come our way. And, don’t we all just want to feel energetic and vibrant? 



I received my Integrative Health Coach training and certification through Duke Integrative Medicine.

In my prior careers, I was a Health Care and Employee Benefits Attorney and a stay-at-home mom. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory University and my Juris Doctor from St. Louis University. 

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